Take command of the earth security forces, build your defenses, advance your technology in this epic space tower defense strategy game, defend against an invading horde that want nothing but the complete annihilation of the human race.

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GreenLight - IOS - Android - Apple TV- Fire TV

  • Features:
  •  1080p HD 3D Graphics
  •  5 Unique Turret Classes
  • Real-time Physics
  • IOS GameCenter
  • Amazon GameCircle
  • Google Game Services


Guardian Earth

You take control of an elite fighter squadron tasked to defend earth. A hostile alien armada is headed for earth, you are earth’s last defense. Can you save earth before its too late?

Battle your way through 10 levels and 3 difficulties in this top-down bullet hell shooter.

  • Features:
  • HD 3D Graphics
  • 5 Unique Space Fighters
  • 3 Primary Weapons and 2 Special Weapons
  • Real-time Physics
  • Classic Top-Down Bullet Hell Shooter
  • 10 Levels and 3 Challenging Difficulties
  • Global Leader boards
  • Joystick, NYKO PlayPad